• It’s official—Showtime is here! Enjoy your favorite movies, original series, sports and more—now available with the TeeVee Platinum package. Bring your next cinematic adventure to life at home or on the go with these 10 new premium channels: Showtime, Showtime 2, Showtime Beyond, Showtime Extreme, Showtime Family Zone, Showtime Next, Showtime Showcase, Showtime Women, TMC: The Movie Channel and TMC: Extra. Get TeeVee Platinum today and start enjoying the best in premium live entertainment.
  • We’re launching an all new promotion and company-wide movement: 50 DAYS OF BLAZE! Effective TODAY, there are three exciting components of this campaign:
    1) All NEW Representatives who enroll for $249 by April 6 will automatically receive a special code that will allow them to enroll a new IMR for $100 off. Every rep that enrolls for $249 during the next 50 days will get this code. If someone USES one of the $100 off codes to enroll for $149, they will NOT receive a discount code themselves.
    2) For the next 50 days (through 4/6), we are lowering the Organizational Residual Customer Point Requirements. ED: 60 Customer Points, ND: 350 Customer Points, SVP: 1500 Customer Points. ALL current and new representatives can take advantage of these new lower thresholds. In fact, some representatives may be promoted to their next pin level automatically if they already meet this requirement!
    3) We will be encouraging and recognizing all representatives who personally enroll 5 new IMRs over the next 50 days (through 4/6). Those that accomplish this goal by the Atlanta International Training Event, will be recognized there too.