We are pleased to announce a very special promotion that gives new 5LINX Representatives more options to qualify (as well as earn their Quick Start bonus).
This new promotion is effective immediately, and will run all the way until the next 5LINX National Event in Savannah. In fact, the promo is even retroactive to include any representatives currently in their first 60 days!
This promotion makes 3 special OXZGEN offerings available to new representatives, with deep discounts and high points attached. CLICK HERE to download the special order from with these three options:
  • A 3-pack of OXZGEN Pain Cream: Special Price of $135 ($15 Savings) + 2 points
  • A 6-pack of OXZGEN Pain Cream: Special Price of $270 ($30 Savings) + 4 points
  • An 11-item OXZGEN “Sample Pack”: Special Price of $399 ($170 Savings) + 4 points
Not only does purchase of one or more of these items get you closer to the points need to Qualify or to earn a Quick Start Bonus, they also satisfy the outside customer and/or TeeVee customer requirement!
That’s right, a new rep does NOT need a TeeVee customer or outside customer to qualify if any of their 8 points is derived from these 3 special deals!!
So for example, a new representative could qualify with PDN (4 points) + the Sampler Pack (4 points). That’s it. On to your next step.
For complete information and requirements, be sure to check out the full details at promos.5linx.com. Please note, PDN Plus is NOT required for a new representative in their first 60 days to take advantage of these special wholesale packages.

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